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How Remote Work Could Affect Light Pollution

COVID has meant more people can work remote. This is a positive since it could provide more flexibility. With this change, large cities also will need to rethink how they are laid out and planned…

Corona Borealis

Corona Borealis

Located in the northern celestial gemisphere, Corona Borealis is a small constellation that was 1 of 48 constellations listed by 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. Its Latin name, inspired by its shape, means “northern crown”. In classical mythology Corona Borealis represents the…

Showing some of the Moon Phases

Top 5 Reasons To Observe The Moon

When one has a telescope, regardless of age and skill, there are few targets that are reliable enough to get the kids and beginners interested in using said telescope. One of those reliable targets is…

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US National Parks: Offering More Than Just Daytime Beauty

The US National Parks system contains many of Americas most beautiful lands! The NPS employs approximately 20,000 people in 424 individual units covering over 85 million acres in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US territories….

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Top Eclipse Mistakes To Avoid

When preparing for the 2024 solar eclipse and any eclipse or astronomical event, there are a few things to best prepare. These solar eclipse tips are really useful for all! Doing these things will ensure…

2017 Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Planning 2024 eclipse state parks 2024 Eclipse Astronomy

Solar Eclipse Video Tips

Everyone wants to get the perfect eclipse 2024 video, regardless of quality. Come level up your eclipse 2024 video knowledge today with these tips: Using a video camera at 1st contact has the same tips…