Moon and Lunar General


Lunar Gallery

Take a look at the best lunar photographs taken by the team! Enjoy these gems, which includes a supermoon, full moon, and more. After taking a few shots this week, which can be found here,…

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Lunar Craters: An Introduction

Lunar craters are impact craters that can be seen on the surface of the Earth’s Moon. All of the craters that make up the Moon’s visible surface were made by impacts at one point in time in the Moon’s history….

Lunar Calendars

Lunar Calendars: An Introduction

When reviewing Moon: An Illustrated History by Dr. David Warmflash, what caught our attention was the mention of Lunar Calendars. The technical definition of a lunar calendar is calendar based on the monthly cycles of the Moon’s phases, which are synodic…

Moon Bishop

Moon Bishop: A Quarky Story

Unlike some of our other work and stories, such as navigating the acquisition of land for astronomical use, this story is going to be more lighthearted and a good story. It might lead to a…

Showing some of the Moon Phases

The Wolf Moon Of January

The name given to first full moon of the calendar year is the Wolf Moon. Winter can be a tough time of year in the Pacific Northwest with cold temperatures and snow, but the sky…

Lunisolar Calendar

The Flower Moon of May

The May weather allows for great floral displays, which helps explain where the name Flower Moon of May comes from. May in the Pacific Northwest is great as the weather should be nice enough to…

December February Supermoon

The Cold Moon of December

December was considered to be the coldest month of the year for the Northern Hemisphere, which means that the winter solstice was almost here. With the coming of the winter solstice, the days would start…