Washington State Parks Light Pollution Map

Washington State Parks

We previously did an article on the 2024 solar eclipse for the Washington state parks, and figure that there is an amazing opportunity for mapping those state parks to their Bortle Scale values. With the help of https://www.lightpollutionmap.info, we created the following table to provide information about the entire state parks for Washington in regards to light pollution and astronomy.

ItemHow Many
Number Of State Parks140
Number of Different Bortle Scales7
Level 1 Bortle Scale State Parks0
Level 2 Bortle Scale State Parks9
Level 3 Bortle Scale State Parks24
Level 4 Bortle Scale State Parks46
Level 5 Bortle Scale State Parks41
Level 6 Bortle Scale State Parks10
Level 7 Bortle Scale State Parks5
Level 8-9 Bortle Scale State Parks5
Table 1: State Park Info


Here is a show of the colors of the markers, to know how to read the map.

ColorBortle Scale
BlackLevel 1
Dark PurpleLevel 2
BlueLevel 3
GreenLevel 4
YellowLevel 5
OrangeLevel 6
RedLevel 7
WhiteLevel 8-9
Table 2: Bortle Scale Map Marker

To learn more about the Bortle Scale, check out this article. The WA State Parks official website can be found here.

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