Top Eclipse Mistakes To Avoid

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When preparing for the 2024 solar eclipse and any eclipse or astronomical event, there are a few things to best prepare. These solar eclipse tips are really useful for all! Doing these things will ensure that you have the best chances of success!

Book reservations early

Always book reservations for travel, lodging, and events early! Making sure that you have a way to travel and logistics is crucial to planning and managing your trip. Doing this ahead of time ensures avoiding mistakes and locking in the prices.

Don’t bring proper eclipse viewing equipment

Whether it’s a pinhole camera, eclipse glasses, or another method, it is critical to bring the proper viewing equipment. This will ensure that you can view the eclipse safely and properly for maximum enjoyment! We recommend buying the gear ahead of time and bringing it with you when you arrive on the day of the event!

Please prepare how to use gear you brought

You need to know how to use the gear appropriately! Improper usage will lead to the sun frying your electronics or damage to your eyes. Neither option is what you want, so make sure to read up on how to use your gear and practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect!

Always double check to ensure gear is working and in tact

Even if you have followed everything above and avoided an issue so far, there is 1 last consideration! Getting your gear in tact to the viewing location is crucial.

Remember, preparing for the worst or flukes to happen is natural. But batteries have a way of dying on cameras or video players right as you’re ready to record photos or videos. Some things you can’t control, but eliminate everything you can control from going wrong so you can enjoy the moment!

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