Top 6 Best Astronomy Related Gifts

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As we approach the holidays, and people start to think of and buy holiday gift or gifts, here are some good ideas to get your loved ones. This isn’t an exhaustive nor exclusive list, but rather a great start for your holiday and birthday gifts. And some of these gifts can be combined with others in this list to provide joy to those around you!

Astronomy Cub Or Magazine Membership

Know someone looking to get involved in the Astronomy club in your local area? Then get them an astronomy club membership, as many are cheap and provide an opportunity to meet new people in their area with the same interests. Astronomy clubs allow for expanding one’s horizons for friends, new Astronomy locations, and other reasons. If that isn’t an option, maybe a subscription to a space magazine such as Scientific American will help them grow and learn more!

New Telescope Gear

Depending on how well you know the individual and you know what gear they have and want, this could be a great gift. However, this is always a bit more expensive than some of the other alternatives and requires knowing which gear they want and need. But if you do know and have the funds, this makes a great gift! Even something such as a new Dew Shield or lens or red light headlamp shows that you care and are their friend.

New Mug

If the one receiving the gift is a fan of drinking coffee or tea, then a new mug is a great gift. This is great because when they drink their tea or coffee in the future, they will use your mug and be happy! The new mug can be of any design, whether it be a favorite astronomical object, or from a favorite museum.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle might sound boring, but actually it can be a lot of fun! The Jigsaw puzzle can either be an existing puzzle or a created custom puzzle. And what makes this fun is that you have the opportunity to potentially be able to make this puzzle with the person you’re gifting it too. Therefore, you can give them a gift they enjoy and spend time with them creating it too. Therefore, both people win!

Poster Of Their Favorite Object

This one requires 2 things, knowing what their favorite astronomical object is and how big to get the poster. But after you understand their favorite astronomical object, you can get them a poster of that object to post on the wall. Having that image on the wall means that every time they look at it, it will inspire them and make them feel better.

Star Chart/Observing Book

Although many times have gone digital such as star charts, the use of a physical star chart in a physical form really helps. Books like “Turn Left At Orion” fall into the same category where these devices help the receiver learn the night sky, where the constellations are, what is next to where, and maybe what to expect in the sky. A benefit of these gifts are their durability and use during the day when not observing.

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