Top 5 Telescope Tips For Beginners

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After a telescope has been procured for kids, regardless of age, there are some important items to consider for use. These tips for use by kids of said telescope was determined that are rooted in safety, setting expectation, and understanding. Although these might seem like beginner tips, they are great for anyone using a telescope at any level.

Understand How To Use The Gear

Knowing how to properly use the gear provided will ensure that the gear wont break or hurt anyone during its use. Whether it be watching videos on how to assemble the telescope or how use the different parts, ensuring proper use will ensure everyone is safe and therefore maximize the opportunities for learning and fun. This can also include knowing how to use the telescope to point at the intended object.

Never Point A Telescope At The Sun Without Protection

Unless one buys a specific filter or has a specific sun telescope, NEVER point a telescope at the sun. Unless otherwise specified, assume that the telescope is NOT safe to point at the sun as an unprepared device will focus the suns energy in unsafe ways. Pointing at the sun will damage devices being used to observe the sun as well as damage the viewers eyes.

Understand The Target and Where To Find It

Making sure to know where the desired object to be observed in the sky is and how to point the telescope to get there is important. Not knowing where to point the telescope and where will lead to one scanning the sky unsuccessfully for the desired object, which will lead to impatience and unhappiness with astronomy. To save time and enjoy viewing the stars, make sure to understand what type of object you’re looking at, where it is located, when it is visible, and what it should look like.

Objects May Appear Different In A Scope Than Expected

In the same way that one should understand the target they will be looking at and where to find the object, it is worth noting that objects may appear smaller and different in telescope than expected. What this means is that for example, the poster that NASA sells has Saturn in the entire frame with amazing, but when looking through your telescope, Saturn may only be a few inches in size. And this also applies to galaxies and other objects that have color added to the images by professionals. This might dissuade some people from viewing, but it is worth noting that the object colors and size may vary depending on the telescope and whether it is an image.

Be Cautions Of Where You Point Laser Pointers

Although laser pointers might not come standard and often are purchased separately, if there is a laser pointer, ensure that they are only pointed at stars. Pointing laser pointers at airplanes, animals, people, and moving objects is not only dangerous for those being pointed at, but it is also illegal to do so. State laws vary

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