Top 5 Space Related Fathers Day Gifts

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Although Fathers Day is typically thought of in the US and many other countries as a day of cookouts, beer, and BBQ; there are definitely more ways to celebrate. One common tradition is to give gifts to your father that would really interest them. Here are some of the best gifts!

Dad Joke T-shirt or Mugs

There are a reason that Dad joke memorabilia such as books, shirts, and mugs exist. It’s because Dads find them awesome! These are cheesy and that’s the point, as they are meant as a lighthearted gift for those who would find them funny! There are a lot of these types of shirts, which have jokes like “how do you organize a space party? You Planet?” Cheesy, yes, but they’re fun for those who love dad jokes and for those who seem to have it all!


Although Fathers Day is in June, getting that special someone a calendar is a great idea! Although calendars typically start in January and make a great Christmas or winter gift, they also make great Fathers Day Gifts for those who live calendars. The benefit of an 18 month space calendar is that if given in June, it still has 12 months of calendar left! There are so many different calendar ideas from planets, moons, spacecraft, and more. The best part is that you can either buy an existing calendar or make your own and buy it!


Whether it be tea, coffee, beer, soda, or another drink, everyone who drinks could use a lovely coaster. These are a great idea because the cost should not be too expensive, with the number of designs varying in a large way. Coasters can include but not limited to designs such as planets, constellations, or other beautiful astronomical images. These make great gifts as anytime someone uses them, they will think of the person who gave the gift.

Museum Passes

If the person you’re giving gifts to, why not get them a pass to visit their favorite museum! This makes a great gift as a museum that someone enjoys will be a great opportunity to spend time with them. And although this might be the most time consuming and maybe costly as compared to other options on this list, this provides unique options that the others do not necessarily provide. This gift is a 1 time use, but it can become a family tradition in which the family goes to a museum that the receiver enjoys in addition to another gift on this list or another gift as well.

Kitchen Apron, Mug, Or Tool

In addition to drinking, the other stereotype of fathers is that they love to BBQ or cook meat. Although not all fathers BBQ or cook meant, for those that love to cook, getting an apron with the NASA logo or other space themed gear makes a great gift. This is something that they will be able to wear anytime that they cook and will be reminded of you. The apron or gift can be something with a NASA logo or another space related thing on it to make it special.

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