Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cleveland For The 2024 Solar Eclipse

Although one might not think of Cleveland as a top tourist destination for the 2024 solar eclipse, there are many reasons to go visit and enjoy the trip. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are a plethora of activities and museums to visit as shown below. The average temperatures for an April day in the city sees highs of around 57 and lows around 42 degrees. The following events do not include regional or local eclipse events in the area.

2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship

A single elimination, 68 team tournament of Division 1 college womens basketball teams, this event will be hosted the same days as the eclipse. Although this means that hotels, rental cars, and restaurants will likely be more expensive and harder to find availability, it does show that the area does have the infrastructure to host large gatherings of people effectively. Moreover, for those who want to attend the events, it provides great entertainment unique to Cleveland!

There are a plethora of museums that weren’t mentioned here, as this is just a smattering of high level highlights. The kids museum, art museum, and other attractions also make Cleveland a wonderful place to visit.

Potential For Baseball Games

Another sporting event in Cleveland at this time would be the Cleveland Guardians. The MLB season starts around March 30th so there is potential to catch a baseball game when they’re in town. The schedule hasn’t been released for 2024, but even if the team isn’t in town, a potential tour of the stadium would be a fun thing to do for those baseball fans!

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, the museum documents the history of rock music as well as influential artists, producers, engineers, and others. For those who have never been or are fans of rock and roll, this museum makes a great place to visit!

Edgewater Park

The park has over 147 acres and 9,000 feet of shoreline, Edgewater Park offers lots of things to do. There are boating, fishing, waking, and other planned activities to do in this wonderful area!

Close To The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Located in Canton, Ohio, the pro football hall of fame is only around a 1 hour drive away from the city of Cleveland. For those football fans who haven’t been, this is an amazing opportunity to go when not viewing the eclipse. A car will be required to get there as it provides the most flexibility.

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