Top 4 Dark Sky Sites Within 3 Hours Of Boise

Here are some great places to view the Milky Way and the night sky that are close to the city of Boise, Idaho. These places are spread out over the entire state of Idaho to provide the maximum amount of opportunities for everyone in the state, regardless of where one lives.

Lake Cascade

A great fishing recreation opportunity for those who enjoy fishing, Lake Cascade is a 47 square mile reservoir. Due to its remoteness, the lake provides a great opportunity to view the Milky Way and explore the surrounding areas for clear skies. The Boise National Forest has a plethora of options for viewing the night sky, and Lake Cascade is one of them.

Craters of the Moon Monument & Preserve

Established in 1924, the Craters of the Moon Monument and Preserve encompasses three major lava fields covering 343,000 acres lying along the Great Rift of Idaho. The amazing landscape allows for hiking a beautiful landscape that is unique, and during the winter, this landscape makes for great skiing. Because of its remoteness, the monument provides an amazing dark sky, which the rangers utilize to provide some unique tours of the sky. The Craters Of The Moon is definitely a place to go visit and perform astronomy.

Ketchum, ID

Part of the 1st Dark Sky Reserve in the United States, Ketchum is a fantastic place to start a journey. It received the Gold status, which is the highest IDA level means that this area has taken exceptional fare in preserving the night sky.

Alvord Desert (roughly 3 hours)

The Alvord Desert is an expansive desert in southern Oregon that provides an amazing landscape for observing due to its remoteness and landscape. It is a perfect location for being able to explore the desert landscape and explore the night sky.

Steens Mountain
Steens Mountain

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