Unique Astronomy Site: Thors Well

Thors Well
Credit: Thomas Shahan/CC BY 2.0

Located on Oregon Coast, Thors Well is a good spot for astronomy if one is in the coast. Many coastal cities make it hard for good stargazing, but Thors Well is a great spot that is an exception! This is the only site that we have so far reviewed that is on the Oregon Coast. We look forward to more future reviews of the coastal areas.Light Pollution: Black

This area is open the public as there are no groups that use this area for star parties. Thors Well does have a Black Bortle light pollution scale, which means that this does have some of the best possible viewing. This means that one can bring any gear they want, but realize that it is an area near a beach.

Great views of the Western sky, this site is a great place to go if one wants to go to the ocean and do some stargazing! As one has to walk down to the platform, it is recommended that one uses a small telescope or a camera.



  • # of spots: 30
  • Cost For Parking: N/A–> Pull over at the side of the road
  • Parking Permit(s) Required: Not Needed
  • Where Permit(s) Can Be Obtained: Not needed

Overnight Accommodations

8.6 miles from Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park and reservations can be made through Reserve America.
Approximately 50 full-hookup sites
More than five electrical sites (with water)
Seven walk-in tent sites (closes seasonally October – April)
Hiker/biker camp
Two rustic yurts

3.2 miles from the city of Yachats, so one can easily drive there, but please bring a headlight to assure safe travel to and from!



Current Seeing Conditions/Forecasts

The chart below is courtesy of Clearoutside.com

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