The Strawberry Moon Of June

June is in the beginning of summer, numerous astronomy events and sights, and numerous outdoor activities. June is the time to see the Milky Way in a dark sky sight because all the wilderness areas should be open and available for use! Make sure to look and see all of the beautiful sights that the summer has to offer. Many local groups might have Summer Solstice events and topics this time of year, so go check them out! Plus, June is the start of fresh fruit, which can help provides the name of Strawberry Moon.

Meaning Behind The Name

The full moon for June has a few different names, which include the Rose or Strawberry Moon of June. Regardless of the name, it is fascinating that both Strawberries and Roses are red. The reason that this could be is that if the Full Moon falls on the summer solstice, June 20th. The Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and when the full moon falls on the solstice, the moon can take a red hue. An example of this was in 2016 as noted by

The June full moon is called the Strawberry Moon by some cultures because June is the time of year that the Strawberries are in full bloom. The strawberry season is typically from April to June, from what I have read which means that June is the middle of the season and apex of strawberry picking season.

The name “Rose Moon” comes from Europe because when the moon is close the horizon, the moon takes on a reddish tint.

Other names include the “Hot Moon” as June is typically a hot month and that the season of summer has arrived. Although July or August are typically the hottest months of the year, it makes sense that this moon would denote that the hotter weather is approaching.

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