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LIGO Science Student Opportunities

The goal of this article is to provide a starting point for students looking for opportunities related to space related degree in the Pacific Northwest. Every student is different and every degree program is not the same, but the key is to find the best fit and look for the best opportunities. There are multiple different grants and programs are available and provided to students. Most of the state and larger colleges will have NASA related grants and options for students. There are definitely opportunities for smaller schools as well.

As this will not be an in-depth look at the school system nor a list of specific schools to look at, nor will it be a list of majors, if one would like to contribute or provide feedback, please feel to provide us with this information as it will be super valuable. We do have a space careers article for those who are curious what opportunities are available. But that does not necessarily include clubs and teaching positions, which are available.

Some great advice for High School students looking for careers in the space industry includes looking at the different fields of study, finding a great university, and getting involved in the community. There might be robotics competitions or other school led or other activities, such as meetups or amateur astronomy clubs that can provide great networking opportunities to potentially meet people. Amateur astronomy clubs such as the Rose City Astronomers will often have presenters come from different universities to give talks about their work. This can provide opportunities for students to learn about the field and maybe ask the presenter questions before or after the event. Moreover, finding an affordable and great university is key because a great college education can set one up really well. Internships, degrees, and faculty are important factors in deciding a college.

For college students looking to get more involved in the space community should look for internships in the community with well respected space companies in their field or perform some research. There are many grant opportunities as shown below that provide great opportunities to provide original research and make new connections!

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