Space Careers in the Pacific Northwest

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The Pacific Northwest is gifted with a plethora of space and aerospace companies, which provide a plethora of talent and opportunities for growing careers.

Washington State is blessed to have many opportunities available with a number of large companies based out of the Seattle area. This has attracted the best and brightest talent, which includes and can be found at :

Aerojet Rocketdyne: At their Redmond, Washington facility, Rocketdyne creates rocket engines a year. These engines are used in all areas such as tiny rockets to keep satellites properly positioned.

Blue Origin: Performs engineering, design and production of rockets motors, the reusable New Shepard spacecraft and systems for its New Glenn rocket.

Boeing: Provides Broadband SatCom Network operations, administration and management duties to global ground stations and design support for the Starliner crew capsule.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies: Manufactures parts utilized for space and satellite applications.

Cobalt Enterprises: Company that builds satellite components.

Electroimpact: Manufactures all forms of satellite fixtures, containers, trailers and tooling.

Helion Energy: Developing a magneto-inertial fusion technology for propulsion.

Janicki Industries: Manufactures production tooling and fly-away parts for spacecraft.

Kymeta: Manufactures satellite antennas and communications technologies.

MSNW: Manufactures new space propulsion technology.

Off Planet Research: Research facility that simulates extra-terrestrial environments to test space systems to further research and development of cost-effective, safe and effective space-based technologies.

RBC Signals: Provides real-time space communications technologies and services for satellite operators.

Spaceflight Industries: Provides launch services, mission management, and connectivity for small satellite missions or constellations ranging from 1 kg up to 300 kg in payload. The company is also building a new manufacturing facility near Seattle to produce satellites.

SpaceX: Builds and launches rockets, plus they are now developing their own satellite system, for broadband.

Systima Technologies: Manufactures separation and deployment systems for spacecraft.

Tethers Unlimited: Designs and manufactures numerous systems for small satellites, robotic technologies for on-orbit fabrication and assembly, software-defined radio communications, and 3D printed radiation shielding.

Some cool resources that are available include:

Oregon does have a few companies including the Near Space Corporation.

Now go out there and get those careers started!

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