Solar Eclipse Video Tips

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Everyone wants to get the perfect eclipse 2024 video, regardless of quality. Come level up your eclipse 2024 video knowledge today with these tips:

Using a video camera at 1st contact has the same tips as using a regular camera. Dont overexpose so you preserve limb darkening and achieve good focus

Rotating the video camera with a wide angle lens can document changing cloud conditions. To do this, rotate slowly for a clear video. 1 full revolution over a 60 to 90 second period.

If there are bees, flowers, or grazing animals at the observing site, and you have an extra camera and tripod, try to record their behavior during the eclipse.

Try to video the shadow bands with a high definition video camera on a trip. Use automatic mode and point the camera in the direction of umbra exit.

Use a wide angle video camera, action camera, to video the umbra approach. Even if you are pointed at the eclipse, no solar filter is needed with these wide angle cameras.

Select best manual mode settings for your camera that provides for exposure. Choose baseline exposure that preserves limb darkening with full solar disk image

3 ways to video diamond ring:

Camera on tripod, level, pointing up

Tripod camera, tilted, using drift technique

Camera on polar aligned mount

You can video the corona. The issue is the same problem as a single exposure camera image. If you adjust the video for the outer corona, you overexpose the inner corona

There are 3 good ways to setup video for capturing the corona: Tripod point and shoot, Motor Guided, and the “drift” method

Try using a video camera attached to a motorized rotator mounted on a tripod to document the colored horizon]

When setting up a spinning video camera it is important to level the rotating device. Always bring a torpedo level to the observation on eclipse day

If you have a video camera pointed at totality continue to let it record for about 20 to 30 seconds after 3rd contact before replacing the solar filter

After you place a filter on your video camera, check exposure and adjust as needed for the thin partial phase which doesnt emit much light.

Shadow bands are difficult to image. Try video camera in automatic mode mounted on tripod. Point it downwards at a white sheet in a direction of the umbra exit

Extra wide angle video cameras are great for capturing the umbra approach or exit if a good view of the horizon view.

Solar filters, focal length, image scale, and basic exposure of the full solar disk are health with the same as still photography

Learn how to use camera manual settings and the procedures for manual focusing

When you remove the solar filter, the exposure will be appropriate for the inner corona

Remove solar filters early to cat h brilliant diamond ring phase. Remove filter 30-40 seconds before 2nd contact

After removing solar filters, do manual adjustments of the exposure to reveal more corona

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