Solar Cycle 25: What To Expect

Solar Storms Solar Cycle 25

Recently, NASA announced that they could say the sun had entered solar cycle 24, and the start of solar cycle 25. This announcement comes after the December 2019 solar minimum, which will make the start of a new solar cycle.It is worth noting that as a result of our Sun being so variable, it can take months after the fact to declare this event.

Major events during the next solar cycle look to be NASA returning to the moon with the Artemis Program, and private space companies landing on the moon and Mars. In order to do this safely for those astronauts, it is crucial to understand the solar cycle. 

The next solar maximum is expected to be in 2025, with some varying predictions on how powerful it could be. NASA says that the maximum could be as strong as the maximum of Solar Cycle 24. If that is the case, then in the grand scheme of solar maximum, Solar Cycle 25 will be a below-average cycle. There are some predictions for a stronger solar cycle, but the thought is that the cycle will similar to the solar cycle 24 maximum.

Although only time will tell how strong the Solar cycle 25 will be, these predictions will help companies sending astronauts to Deep Space and NASA to be able to prepare shielding and other measures to help protect astronauts. This is also important as going forward, this prediction technology will help for years going forward for the us and development of technology.

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