Slooh: A Telescope Service For All

Slooh Telescope

Founded in 1993 by slooh is a website that one can explore the universe from the comfort of your chair. Slooh is an online astronomy platform with live-views and telescope rental for a fee. This means that slooh can be used to make observations that come from a global network of telescopes located all over, including countries such as Spain and Chile. The name slooh is very similar to the word used to describe the movement of a telescope, which is “slew”.

Although there are other specific sites that provide similar robotic telescopes, what differentiates slooh from its competitors is that slooh has a patent on their live image processing method. 

Interface to space by using patented technology to explore space by using Robotic, mountaintop, online telescopes and live telescopes that are available 18+ hours per day. The member community allows for members to learn from fellow members.

There are amazing opportunities for amateur astronomers, educators, and parents alike, with unique services for each aspect. For parents, there are star parties available for kids to attend, as well as, challenges, avenues of exploration, and more opportunities for children to get interested and interact with astronomy resources in a unique way.

For educators, these same features are available in different ways to provide astronomy education to the community in new ways, previously unavailable. Tailoring the education to specific student interests, use live data, and provide amazing images will not only captivate the students, but also allow educators to take their education to the next level.

And for amateur astronomers, slooh provides these amazing services for a small fee at 2 different levels. There is the apprentice level for a $100.00 level and astronomers for $300.00, both of which have extensive features such as image collection, the ability to use telescopes anywhere, and more. In the age of COVID in which one is at home a lot, these are a great way to support a great cause and do something different. Moreover, these resources are a great way to see more of the night sky that otherwise wouldn’t be available regardless of what’s going on.

Slooh is “the only platform in the world to dedicated to democratizing space,” which makes Slooh an invaluable resource to all! We will definitely be joining Slooh and look forward to an amazing experience. Slooh can be found at their website, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure to check back in with for future articles on this topic, including more amazing information about Slooh, and more

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