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If one gets the opportunity to attend a rocket launch, make sure to take advantage of every aspect. We do have a bunch of articles discussing the potential for unique social opportunities and how COVID-19 has made for an interesting time to capture rocket launches. To supplement this information and the general information when viewing a rocket launch, we wanted to provide some unique insight into some rocket launch photography tips that we found beneficial.

We think they might provide you with some useful tips and tricks to avoid the same mistakes.

Use Landscape In Foreground For Your Advantage

Try to try incorporating some landscape foreground to give a sense of location and depth. Having some trees or other landscapes in the foreground helps the viewer really understand the scale of the rocket and the view that the photographer has.

Tripods Are Your Friend

When using a long focal length to capture rocket launches, tripods will be your friend. This is because tripods will help steady the tilt or pan of the camera on rocket ascent. During ascent, it is critical to have a steady tilt or pan to obtain a clear shot.

Clean Your Gear

Although it is cliche, making sure you hear is clean, including lens and sensor is critical! Using a long focal length for a rocket launch will make any lens or sensor debris noticeable and visible in the shot. Therefore, always clean your lens and sensors!

Keep Trying, Don’t Give Up!

Don’t be discouraged if your first launch photos aren’t good, as with anything new, there is a learning curve. From personal experience, the learning curve for rocket launch photography is not steep. You can do it! Keep up the great work, learn from your previous experiences, and you will master it!

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