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Home to more than 640,000 people, Portland, Oregon is the 25th largest city by population in the US. The greater Portland metro area has 2.51 million people, which is like around 30% percent of the entire Oregon population as of this writing. With a great mix outdoors and city activities, Portland has a lot to offer, including a lot of Portland astronomy.

Portland has 1 big science museum, OMSI, and a big astronomy community, with the amateur astronomy club Rose City Astronomers. RCA is active and one of the largest astronomy clubs in the country. Haggart Observatory too!

The Rose City Astronomers and OMSI do host star parties for the public, at venues such as Rooster Rock State Park, Stub Stewart State Park, and Cottonwood Canyon State Park. The RCA does have private star parties for members at Stub Stewart State Park. With so many events and interested parties, there are many friends to make. And gear to swap and tips to learn.

There are lots of great astronomy locations nearby within short driving distance, including sites such as Stub Stewart State Park, Goldendale Observatory, Cottonwood Canyon, Trillium Lake, Lost Lake Resort, and more. A more complete picture of available locations for stargazing can be found in the map below.

It is possible to see the Aurora Borealis from several areas, such as Vista House, and Stub Stewart State Park.

What makes Portland great for stargazing as well is that the city is really well understanding of light pollution. Therefore steps are always being taken to reduce the city’s light pollution footprint.

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