Planetary Conjunctions Of 2021

Conjunction conjunctions
A conjunction of Mercury and Venus appears above the Moon, as viewed from the Paranal Observatory in northern Chile.

As there are differing number of conjunctions between planets and a moon and two planets, we are splitting these types into 2 separate articles to make it easier to review. To learn more about what a conjunction is, here is an article on the topic.

The first table will just be a list of conjunctions of 2 planetary bodies in the solar system.

TimeObject 1Object 2SeparationWhere To Find In Sky
March 05, 2021 06:49 UTCJupiterMercury0°19′
29 Mar 202119:10 UTCMercury Neptune1°23′
29 May 202105:20 UTCVenusMercury0°24′
13 Jul 202107:06 UTCMarsVenus0°29′
19 Aug 202104:06 UTCMercuryMars0°04′
Dec 29th 202101:02 UTCVenusMercury4°13′
Planetary Conjunctions Between 2 Planets

The number of conjunctions between two planetary bodies is dwarfed by the number of events with the Moon and a planet. For example, there are 6 planetary conjunction events on this list, but it would not be unusual to have that many conjunctions between a moon and planets in a 2 or 3 month stretch.

This article just provides information about when these happen, not necessarily the type, such as an inferior conjunction event.

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