Starlink Train

SpaceX Starlink: So Much Potential, So Much Worry

First launched in February 2018, the SpaceX Starlink satellites  consists of a satellite constellation being constructed by SpaceX with the aim of providing satellite Internet access. To build this constellation of satellites and provide internet access, SpaceX says that…

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The Commercial Crew Program: A Financial Success?

The Commercial Crew Program is a human spaceflight program that is funded by the U.S. government and administered by NASA through which private vendors are to develop and operate crew vehicles to carry US and international astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS)….

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Exoplanet Detection

An exoplanet is a “a planet that orbits a star outside the solar system.”[1] Exoplanet detection can not only help spur imagination in the public to imagine what life would be like on other planets,…

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International Space Station Overview

The topic of the International Space Station, ISS, is very complex and detailed. This article will provide a bit of history of the ISS, its purpose, assembly, costs of operation, its future, and how to…

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LauncherOne is a two stage orbital launch vehicle by Virgin Orbit that started development in 2007. The LauncherOne vehicle is an air launch to orbit rocket, designed to launch “smallsat” payloads into Sun-synchronous orbit. The concept of the LauncherOne vehicle has evolved from the original…

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Space Launch Traditions: An Introduction

Everyone has a tradition for anything and everything they do. People are superstitious and this continues for astronauts. Every country and company that has launched a rocket has their own space launch traditions. Russia has…

Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit: Blazing Trails And Making Moves

Founded in 2017, Virgin Orbit is an aerospace company that is a part of the Virgin Group that has plans to provide satellite launch services for small satellites that launch from their custom made Boeing…

Lunar Calendars

Lunar Calendars: An Introduction

When reviewing Moon: An Illustrated History by Dr. David Warmflash, what caught our attention was the mention of Lunar Calendars. The technical definition of a lunar calendar is calendar based on the monthly cycles of the Moon’s phases, which are synodic…