Lunar Surface Detail Observations

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Not necessarily a supermoon, but a full moon

The moon is the closest celestial object to Earth and one of the largest objects in the sky. It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since man landed on its surface. But that said, how much detail can one see on the lunar surface? Can any interested person view the Apollo landing sites with their telescope?

If one is looking at the moon through a telescope, there is a limited amount of detail that one could see. It is indeed theoretically possible to view landing sites such as the Apollo sites from earth using a telescope, but it is not currently feasible. The largest telescopes lack the proper resolution to view detail on the lunar surface and to make a telescope of this size would be beyond the range of new telescopes. Even if it were possible to view the Apollo landing sites, there are other targets that are more attractive for scientists to view, rather than confirm something we already know.

If one would rather utilize an online resource, there is the LRO Satellite that NASA sent to orbit the moon. It has provided amazing photos of the moons surface that has unparalleled detail!

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