Neowise: Tips And Tricks For Imaging And Viewing

NeoWise Neowise

With much excitement for comet Neowise, we figured we would provide a bit of information regarding our experience imaging and viewing the object. Everyone has their own favorite spots to view the comet, but there are a plethora of places to go, just find an area with a clear view of the Eastern sky and you will be in prime position to view the comet!

Everyone has their own favorite spots to view the comet, as it doesn’t require dark skies to view as it is so bright. Places are crowded, so please remember to socially distance, wear a mask, and stay at home if you’re feeling sick.

Best Times To View

As neowise moves away from the sun, it will become brighter and brighter until July 22nd, at which point it will become dimmer and dimmer as it moves away from Earth.

This means that starting at 3:30am in the morning until around 4:15am, comet Neowise will be in prime position.

Camera gear to view

There have been some recommendations that have said an 18-55 mm lens would be able to work. However, when we were taking our images, we went from an 135mm lens to a 400mm lens.

The exposure time will vary depending on the camera type and lens used, but it is a fast moving and bright object. Therefore, exposure times of less than 1 second should be ideal. For our images, we used 1/20th of a second of exposure to capture the comet.

For more information on viewing comet neowise, check out our article here.

Did you get a photo of Comet Neowise? If so, what gear and setting did you use? Let us know as we would love to hear about your amazing photography! Comet Neowise is a great opportunity for us all to view a beautiful celestial object in 2020.

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