NCAA Lays Out Plan for Interplanetary Tournaments

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In an attempt to expand their offerings, the NCAA announced their plans and intentions to expand beyond Earth. Although there aren’t any universities on the Moon or the Moon, the NCAA says that they are expanding so they are prepared when the day comes!

“We fully believe that humanity will become a leave earth and inhabit other celestial bodies in the solar system and maybe beyond it someday” said NCAA spokesman on interplanetary sports head Jack B. Nimble said. He goes on to say, “With the success of Artemis 1, the return of humanity to the moon, and success of companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Rocket Labs has made realize that we want to be on the forefront of these issues.”

The committee member list, which will be released later today, will be tasked with helping the NCAA identify how collegians sports on moons and planets could be coordinated. Big concerns include transporting or building the appropriate infrastructure, how to transport teams between sites, alignment, and how records should be held.

It is expected that due to the differences in gravity and distant locations between celestial bodies, the team alignment and records would be separate for each individual celestial body. However, the questions arise when celestial bodies are close together, such as the Earth and Moon because for journeys that are like Earth to Mars that would last several months would be too lengthy for regular journeys.

College sports expert have said that if it’s an easy trip like the Earth to the moon, it is expected to have some new tournaments to be created. That said, ho the differences in gravity affect the playing surface, the bodies of collegiate athletes, and the physics of the sports themselves are yet to be determined and is part of what the committee will look at.

What everyone is interested to see is how the changes in gravity affect sports that rely on human bodies and balls that travel a far way. For games that rely on the human body such as cross country running, how will the changes in gravity affect how the sports work. Moreover, for the games like baseball or golf, the reduced gravity will mean that the balls will travel faster. Will the games be modified so the balls travel the same lengths that they do on earth? Or will there be another way the games evolve? Or will new games be created? This committee will find out as the idea of basketball players jumping like 18 feet sounds amuzing and hitting a golfball several miles.

As expected, the bowl games and media rights will go to the highest bidders. But Happy April Fools Day! Please note that this is an April Fools joke!

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