Kentucky 2024 Solar Eclipse Cities

Kentucky 2024 Solar Eclipse

Previously, we have discussed the State Parks in Kentucky that one can visit for viewing 2024 Solar Eclipse. However, we are going to take a deeper look and examine the cities that will have 100% totality in Kentucky.

Kentucky is the 37th largest US State in terms of size with an area of 40,410 square miles and 26th state in terms of population. The 2 cities, which is the fewest number of cities of any state in the US that will experience totality, are in the western part if the state, which is where Kentucky borders Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois. The times below for viewing the Kentucky 2024 solar eclipse is in CDT, or Central Daylight Time. These 2 cities have an average of 125 seconds of totality, which is 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

City In KentuckyDuration of TotalityStart TimeMaximumEnd Time
Paducah1 minute, 38 seconds2:00:39 pm2:01:27 pm2:02:17 pm
Henderson2 minutes, 32 seconds2:02:34 pm2:03:57 pm2:05:13 pm
Table 1: Cities Information

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