How COVID19 Impacts Could Affect Space Community

Space Shuttle COVID19 Rocket Fuels

With the COVID19 impacts start to become more known with workers working from home, governments seriously restricting travel, and social gatherings of any kind are shut down, the affects on the space industry can become more known. These include museums, staff at private and public institutions, and amateur astronomers as well. We will take a look at a few different considerations that might get a little less attention in these tough times of self-quarantine.

Yuri’s Night Events

Held every year on April 12th to celebrate the first human to launch into space, Yuri Gagarin, would see international celebrations held by museums and observatories alike. However, with the coronavirus limiting the number of people able to commune in a single area, museums and institutions hosting Yuri’s Night events are being forced to cancel their events. is an international celebration held every April 12 to commemorate milestones in space exploration.

Museum Closures

As numerous government officials limit the number of people that can congregate in public places, museums have been hit hard. Because visitors cannot spend time in great numbers inside the museums, these institutions have shut down until the virus subsides. This will result in many staff members not getting paid and many volunteers not being able to volunteer. Moreover, this would have been a place that families could have gone to relax, but with the virus, parents will have to be more creative.

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