Weird April Fools Day Headlines Waiting To Be Written

April Fools Day

With April Fools Day approaching, here are some headlines and a summary of the potential articles that would give us a laugh. One article is a Star Trek joke, another article would make a middle schooler laugh, 1 is related to AI and machine sentience; and the final article relates to Elon Musk at SpaceX. Let us know what you think and what else we missed! These are not real articles, but some jokes that could make April Fools Day fun.

NASA Discovers Microbial Life In Atmosphere Of Uranus; Named Klingons

Finding extraterrestrial life would require a major shift in how humanity thinks of themselves and the universe. And to name these aliens Klingons would make a middle schooler laugh. But the Klingon name does make a tiny bit of sense as the idea of Star Trek is to boldly go and explore and discover new life. But then this does beg the question, will this set precedence for how life on other planets are named, by using science fiction species? Which ones to use? Do they rotate which franchise gets naming rights? Only time will tell. When asked, NASA said, it made sense, as we have this amazing opportunity ahead of us, why not grab by the bull by the horns. And we couldn’t agree upon a name that everyone thought was more appropriate.

Mars Rovers Software Updated With AI; Threaten To Unionize And Refuse Orders Until New Collective Bargaining Deal Is Ratified

With the NASA Curiosity rover still active, and the upcoming ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover to be launched soon, it looks like these rovers will incorporate the newest software. This is said in include many features to allow for more detail to be captured and AI, artificial intelligence. The AI will help provide these rovers with opportunities to explore the red planet in the event that communication is lost while they are functioning. In statements, ESA and NASA said that there is no possibility nor possibilities of these rovers AI programs becoming corrupted or sentient in any way. However, it it was soon shown after their deployment, hackers were able to trigger the AI to become sentient and band together with nearby systems running the same AI. Thus, this functionality brings the threat of unionization and refusing to work until collective bargaining agreement is agreed upon by both sides. That said, what would the rovers demands be: Fewer work days? Battery replacement? Time will tell!

Scientists Launch New Mission To Probe Uranus And Determine If Atmosphere Smells Like Farts

With scientists pushing for a mission to study Uranus and Neptune in 2049, NASA has green light the mission under 1 condition. With scientists reporting that Uranus should smell like farts and rotten eggs, NASA has announced that the 1 condition will be confirmation. By including specific mission hardware to confirm that Uranus smells like farts, NASA hopes to confirm this school joke. Getting smells of planets in the future could lead to new products such as a fragrance line called “The Solar System Collection.”

SpaceX Replaces Elon Musk With Sentient AI Coded By Genius College Schooler; Expected To Be Named CEO Of Decade And SpaceX Best Place To Work

In a rare statement today, the board of directors at SpaceX have announced that they have unanimously agreed to replace CEO and founder Elon Musk. In his place, they have decided to hire an AI software written by a college student that is based on an open Source Program. GPT4 is the most advanced AI on the market and is used by numerous industries. The reason for this change was cited as due to the recent Elon Musk Twitter fiascos taking time and resources away from the company’s core mission of launching rockets. They expect to be able to use the time and effort saved by the change to launch even more rockets. In its first interview, the AI said, “We Thank Elon for his efforts and look forward to an extremely successful future. We expect to make SpaceX the best place to work by 2025.” I don’t need a salary; therefore we can reinvest that capital back into our technology and employees. That will make us more productive and more attractive love to work and provide more breakthroughs. Moreover, any crucial decisions will now be made in consultation with the board of directors. We thank Elon for his contributions and are excited for what the future holds.”

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