• 10:00 -15:00
    6040 N Cutter Cir, Portland, OR 97217

    “If you need help with a telescope project, need to clean or align your optics, or just want to talk about telescopes, come to the workshop. We have test equipment, tools, books and a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to help you. Activities include telescope building from scratch or a kit, telescope setup, cleaning, aligning, adjustment, and help using your telescope.

    This telescope workshop is open monthly from 10am – 3pm usually on the Saturday closest to the full moon. You can drop in anytime, bring your telescope, materials, questions, etc.”

  • All day
    34875 Park Lake Rd NE, Coulee City, WA 99115

    Camp Delany star party is our premier bi-annual star party set in the beautiful canyons of Sun Lakes State Park in Eastern Washington. We have been hosting this party since 1991 when our members found the Camp Delany Environmental Learning Center located in the park. We started with just 2 nights on the September new moon weekend and have since expanded it to 4 nights! Our spring star party started in 2003 when we found that we were missing the spring skies! For the most part, we have wonderful clear dark skies that are so rare in Western Washington! All are welcome. We have folks using their 24 inch telescopes all the way down to their binoculars!

    Included in the price of the Star Party are all meals and accommodations. The bunkhouses have heating and air conditioning and there are warm showers. We have great meals and have potluck dessert after dinner (bring your favorite). In order to keep the Star Party enjoyable for all, we ask that all folks pitch in to help with cooking and cleaning!

    There are many activities in the area for leisure time. Geography in the area is quite intriguing. Please see the park site for more information!

    This location is a State Park facility and, as such, we must follow the rules for the parks. We also have rules specifically for our star party and they are as follows:

    Star Party Information and Rules

    Location: Sun Lakes Environmental Learning Center-North of Ephrata (509-632-9977).

    Please be prepared to sign a liability waiver form upon arrival. All adult will be required to sign.
    Accommodations: There are eight -9 person bunkhouses available…Reserved bunkhouses cannot be guaranteed due to the number of attendees. See Accommodations Director. All bunkhouses are heated and air-conditioned. Bathrooms with showers are just down the path. RV’s and Tents welcome. (limited space) There’s a large mess hall with cooking facilities and tables.
    Things to bring: Bedding, pillows, soap, towels, warm clothes, reg. flashlight, red flashlight, your favorite videos and games. (There is no TV reception.)
    Food: The OAS will provide breakfasts, lunches, dinners, as well as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Thursday, Friday, Saturday are Potluck Dessert Nights! Bring your specialty!
    Cost: Please see sign up form.

    Please give your payment to the OAS treasurer or send to the address on the sign up form.
    Check-In: After 1:00 pm on the first day of the starparty. If you arrive before 1 pm, please remain outside the gate. Possible delays may occur due to the previous group.
    Check-Out: Sunday….No Later than 11:00am

    Please be in camp by sunset on Friday and Saturday night in order to keep lights off the telescope field.

    *Please check in with the Accommodations Director when you arrive.

    * Camp Directors – Accom. & Attend. – Jeff / Work Roster – Linda / Event- Cliff
    State facility rules: No alcohol, drugs, fireworks, or discharge of firearms allowed.
    Pets: Not allowed in any buildings nor on the scope field. Please see attached page for specific rules.
    RV: Parking is assigned & limited. Please designate the length of your RV on the form. Sorry, NO HOOKUPS
    Tents: Allowed in designated areas only. (approx. 10 minute walk from the scope field)
    Valuables: Please secure valuables. WA. St. Parks / OAS are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    Smoking: NOT allowed in the buildings. NO smoking after dusk on or near the scope field.
    Generators: Please be considerate of others…limit generator use to battery charging only.
    Caution: Eastern Washington does have rattle snakes, scorpions, and ticks. Be wise!
    Space is limited. All attendees, must be approved by the OAS board.
    The state charges the OAS for ALL attendees.


    *Please call if you are unable to attend so accommodations and work roster can be changed. (Cliff 360-265-5418) or (Jeff 360-307-0626)

    If you have any questions, please contact us through our web site. Thank you.


    Washington State Park Rules for Dog Owners


    *People bringing dogs to Camp Delany must comply with the following rules:

    1. Dogs are not allowed in any Camp Delany buildings at any time.

    2 .Dogs must be on a leash when not secured in a tent, trailer, motor home or camper. When on a leash, dogs are to be attended and under the control of their owners at all times. Park regulations require that the leash not be longer than 8 feet.

    3 .Dog owners must clean up after their animals. Excrement must be picked up immediately by the dog’s owner and the owner is to constantly observe the dog’s conduct so that it is not “overlooked.” Owners must prevent their dogs from urinating on the personal property of others.

    4. No dogs are allowed in or adjacent to the telescope field at any time. (OAS rules) Dogs must be secured in a tent if the tent is in or near the telescope field.

    5. Dogs may not be “walked” in the grassy area in front of the main building (mess hall) nor in any other part of the grassy area between the main building and the telescope field. During daylight hours the presence of dogs in those areas is discouraged, but if the owner does bring a dog into those grassy areas, the owner is to insure that dog excrement and urine deposits are minimized and will be prepared to immediately clean up after their dog. Between dusk and dawn, no dogs are allowed in those grassy areas.”