Eclipse Day – 2024 and More! An Amazing Encyclopedia Of Knowledge

Eclipse Day 2024 And More

Curious about how to avoid mistakes while viewing, photographing, or videoing the 2024 total solar eclipse? Looking to understand what to expect when viewing the eclipse as 2024 will be your first time viewing an eclipse? Trying to improve your photography or videography of the eclipse? Dr. Godon Telepun has you covered in “Eclipse Day – 2024 and More! How to enjoy, observe, and photograph a total solar eclipse.”

In this new book, Telepun does more than just talk about theory and has actually applied what he talks about. A major reason to get this book is that the author provides a great amount of resources and is available to assist. Dr. Telepun has a plethora experience, having viewed 5 total solar eclipse at the time of this writing and has “worked with a NASA team in 2017 to help prepare the public for that eclipse,” as well as giving lectures, posting videos on his Youtube Channel, and “the developer of a mobile phone app called Solar Eclipse Timer that helps the public enjoy an eclipse safely by precisely timing the events of an eclipse, telling the observers what to look for and when, and making an announcement about the use of solar glasses.”1

His goal in writing this book is to provide experiences from what he learned so that those viewing the 2024 and future eclipses so you dont make the same mistakes he did, enjoy viewing eclipses, and prepare you for capturing the eclipse in the fashion that you do. This is amazing as there aren’t many other comprehensive resources as easily available to the public, nevertheless available in this easily accessible fashion. Moreover, being an electronic book and Youtube videos make this content available on all electronic devices with ebook readers and devices with YouTube access.

Being the Swiss army knife for the 2024 and future eclipses, the book provides users of all skill levels the ability to know what to expect from planning, observing, and photographing or videoing the event. What is great and important for readers to remember is as the author notes on page 7 of the book, “you should not try to do too much! Pick out a few ideas and techniques that interest you. See the eclipse with your eyes! Enjoy the day with your family and friends!

What we enjoy the most of the book includes providing detailed information about the next 10 eclipses, starting with 2023 annular eclipse going to the eclipse in 2035. Other aspects that we enjoy is that he acknowledges a lot of great resources for others to use such as the Xavier Jubier eclipse maps that are available for the public as well as providing detailed step by step considerations for everything that a first time or experienced solar eclipse viewer and catcher would need to level up their experience. Whether that be video recording ideas to allow you to have an amazing video of the solar eclipse, solar eclipse photography to allow for all skill levels to become experts by the time that they have read the book, or mistakes he has made, with explanations of what went wrong, how they can be fixed, and how you can avoid those issues going forward; this book provides the information you need! Using whatever gear you have, this book will help you get to that next level and gain the knowledge to view the 2024 and future eclipses easily and seamlessly, in an enjoyable fashion!

We highly recommend purchasing your copy of this book right away as this will be the best $10 you spend related to the 2024 and future solar eclipses available on the market! We do not get any money for the Apple link if you purchase a copy. Make sure to give the author a follow on Twitter and other social media as well. For more 2024 related content, check out this link. For more updates and to keep up to date on other articles, check back with the website weekly and follow us on social media via Instagram and Twitter.


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