CRS-21: The BRAINS Experiment

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Set to launch on December 5th, 2020 to the ISS, the 21st  SpaceX cargo resupply is launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with more than 250 science experiments. CRS-21 is currently planned to be a 30 day mission, which will be the first time that 2 SpaceX vehicles will be docked at the ISS at the same time.

With over 250 science experiments in CRS-21, there is bound to be some science that everyone can enjoy! One particular scientific experiment which is of interest to us is the BRAINS experiment, which stands for BRazing of Aluminum alloys IN Space. This is an interest for us because this experiment has a link to the Pacific Northwest.

The ties to the Pacific Northwest is that the BRAINS co-investigator being Dr. Sinisa Mesarovic from Washington State University at Pullman, Washington. At the school Dr. Mesarovic is a professor at the school of mechanical and materials engineering, with a long record of papers and an amazing academic record.

The goal of the experiment is determine the viability for using brazing for the “repair and joining methods for space structures constructed in open space or in human habitats.”[1]

For information about th BRAINS experiment, check out NASA. To learn more about the research on the ISS, check out the ISS National Lab website. To learn more about these types of missions could help the new space economy, check out this article on the subject.


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