Fascinating Cold War Space Ideas

Cold War Space Ideas
US Government Investigation Into Nuking The Moon

The Cold War Between the US and USSR produced many crazy, unfeasible, and wacky ideas, but it also produced many technologies that make our lives better. Unfortunately, these won’t be the stories of what went right, nor innovations by the Cold War Space Race, but rather those that were too crazy to ever get off the ground. Why these ideas never got off the ground, nor how far off the ground varies per idea, but thank goodness these ideas never got off the ground and stayed theoretical. Here are a few stories of crazy cold war space ideas.

Some of these odd ideas include:

Nuking the moon–>Yes, both sides seriously considered nuking the moon, but only stopped because of safety of the test vehicles in some instances. Be on the lookout for an upcoming article for more details.

Space Weapons–> Most people who lived through the Cold War have at least heard of the Star Wars Program put forward by Ronald Raegan. What if we told you that the Russians took this a step further and actually tried launching space lasers. Be on the lookout for an upcoming article for more details.

Project West Ford–>This 1960s project investigated by MIT on behalf of thee US Government to create an artificial¬†ionosphere¬†above the Earth. The goal of the project was to investigate the potential for closing a gap in US military communication.

If you know of any crazy cold war space ideas, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know! We would love to know your ideas and hear more! There have been a few books, youtube videos, and other media done on these subjects, so please feel free to go find them.

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