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If one gets the opportunity to attend a rocket launch, make sure to take advantage of every aspect. There are some unique social opportunities and contacts that one can make; however, COVID-19 has made for an interesting time to capture rocket launches. We do have more information regarding tips for viewing a rocket launch, but in these times of COVID-19, things are different.

COVID-19 has ushered in a new age of rocket viewing, which has to be considered by all potential viewers. The safest option to view rocket launches is at home, in a socially distant manner. This is just our experience as we have spent some time in Florida during this time socially distancing.

Official Viewing Spots Will Be Closed

As a result of COVID-19 guidelines, there will be restrictions to the rocket launch related facilities. Some facilities such as the Kennedy Space Center are going to be under tight regulation, which will have information about their current status on their websites or Twitter.

Until COVID-19 is a thing of the past, and everyone has a vaccine or herd immunity is achieved, one should not expect these places to be open. This means that one will have find new locations to view rocket launches. Be aware, that everyone trying to view these launches, there will be more crowded alternative locations.

Get to locations early as many will get crowded

Because of COVID-19 closing so many of the official rocket launch locations, potential viewers will need to find alternative locations. As a result, many of these backup or alternative locations will be getting more attention and as such, these sites will become more crowded. As long as one can socially distance, there is an amazing opportunity to find new and amazing locations. It could mean fewer people to potentially contend with to view these launches with the lack of tourists, but one has to socially distance at the alternative sites.

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