11 Astronomy Related Activities To Do During CoronaVirus

Finderscope coronavirus

With the coronavirus causing people to work from home and museums to be shutdown, lets take a look at some things that can be done at home while the coronavirus pans out.

  1. Watch And Catchup on Educational Astronomical Content
  2. Join Forums, and Message Boards like cloudynights.com as many clubs members are spending more time chatting than viewing the stars. Become active and join in!
  3. Join the remaining live activities still being held via online meeting tools such as Zoom. Then Rose City Astronomers are moving their next meeting to Zoom, the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) has decided to have April 4th be when they stream events.
  4. Play Space Based Video Games like Kerbal Space Program or Eve Online
  5. Learn How To Better Use Existing Equipment
  6. Complete or Start Cool Astronomy Project Backlog
  7. Learn New Astronomy or Astrophotography techniques
  8. Catch Up On The Astronomy News Using Sites Like Space and Phys
  9. Find New Astronomy Related Clubs
  10. Plan Trips For Future Observing Targets Using Our Map Of Unique Astronomy Sites
  11. Keep Reading Our Stuff For More Cool Content

With this extra time at home, it makes a great time for those who could learn more about mastering their gear and setup, plus with the extra time, one can get caught up on the newest news and other media. There are definitely a lot of options for things to do!

With many governors closing gatherings of more than 10 people, things are hard to do. Thus, for those who are interested in their astronomy from home, there are a plethora of options. Museums have been closed, many private companies have sent their workers home, and NASA is also affected.

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