Climate Change And Politics

Greenhouse Gas Effect Climate Change Politics

We have talked about the importance of greenhouse gases in a previous article. That said, what does politics even have to do with climate change? Why does it even matter?

The reason that climate change is related to politics is that it is often politics that are able to set policy and funding on the scale necessary to enable large scale investment and changes in the market. That said, politics isn’t the only way that climate change policy can be made.

If local changes are made to a large enough scale, politicians will start to pay attention. This can be seen with the use of electric cars such as Teslas, as enough electric car use will see more electric charging stations available. This could mean that those buying new cars would see electric cars as more viable.

However, that is rare, as the necessary changes to handle Climate Change on the scale necessary, politicians on all levels can make real changes. These changes can adversely affect how these municipalities handle climate policies and actions. For example, the UK decided to ban all gas car sales after 2035, per the BBC. The UK is a great example of how positive changes can make a real impact on public policy.

There are many more examples of how positive changes can impact the lives of constituents, but there are also many examples of the opposite. The US and some other countries have not done as much as they could do as a whole for setting the example for handling climate change.

The best ways to get involved is to not only get involved politically to contact your representatives to let them know to take actions on climate change to help solve it. Nevertheless, what you can do is to make positive changes and be the change that you want. For example, what you can do is to coordinate ways that you can eat less meat or drive less. Moreover, networking with like minded people can really help provide new ideas and help spread the word and better educate everyone.

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