Cleaning Space Debris In Orbit: 1 Satellite At A Time

Space Junk space debris

The year is 2077 and the Kepler syndrome has started to kick in, with an estimated 2 million pieces of space debris in orbit. Humanity had so little regard for what scientists were saying and paid no regard to the issue of space junk in orbit. Even as it has gotten worse over the years and some proposals were made, but because there wasn’t money to be made, nothing was done. Now humanity cannot launch anything into orbit without a complex set of maneuvers that only have a 57.6% chance of success. If nothing is done, it would take 70 years for the current debris to clear up. This is obviously less than ideal as so much of our lives rely on satellite communications such as GPS.

Although that sounds far fetched into the future, it actually isn’t too crazy. However, there is now solution: Satellite Guard. By using patented technology and novel methods, Space Guard is able to clean out an orbit of debris before the orbit becomes unusable. But how is this possible and even profitable? The way that it works is that 1 satellite we launch can clear 5 orbits upon request. With a cost of 2 million dollars per satellite, our program works like computer antivirus, except instead of malware, we protect against space debris! With the amount of space debris currently in orbit, we project the need for 6 launches per year every year for 30 years to provide the security you and your team needs to protect your satellites!

Interested in learning more about this revolutionary technology? Happy April Fools! Contact us via Social Media or email for more information and to become part of our team.

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