Blue Moon Future Dates

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After learning about what a Blue Moon is, a common question is regarding when future blue moons would be visible. There are different types, with the seasonal and calendar blue moons, which differ based upon when they occur. There are several events from 2021 to 2039, which can be found below. Because is a blue moon every 2 or 3 calendar years, these events are not the rarest events for one to view on Earth. Rather, they are uncommon celestial events.

August 22, 2021Seasonal
August 31st, 2023Calendar
May 31st, 2026Calendar
December 31st, 2028Calendar
September 30th, 2031Calendar
July 31st, 2034Calendar
January 31st, 2037Calendar
March 31st, 2037Calendar
October 31st, 2039Calendar

The definition of a seasonal Blue Moon is that there are four full moons in one season. Whereas a monthly Blue Moon, the second of two full moons in one calendar month. The next time that 2 blue moons occurring in the same calendar year is as follows:

  • 2048: On January 31, and August 23. 
  • 2067: monthly on March 30, and a seasonal on November 20.

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