Best Ways To Prepare For The 2024 Eclipse

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With 1 year until the 2024 solar eclipse, it is time to put those plans into action. Here are 5 ways to prepare so you can fully enjoy the experience!

Find Where To Go

This one seems simple, as before getting ready with gear, reservations, and clothing, one has to decide where. Weather, travel times, cost, how to transport your gear, and more all go into these decisions. Make sure that you know the proper times to see Totality in local time and add in buffers for issues to arise, like plane delays or traffic getting into the event.

Book Travel Early

Making travel decisions is fun to think about, but never easy to actually make the reservations. However, the earlier that you make such reservations, the easier time you will have going forward. Note: hotels might give you a lower rate and then cancel later once they realize they can increase their rates for the event. But that might not be an issue with other reservations.

Buy Gear Early

Make sure to buy the right gear ahead of time. This helps give you time to research how to use the gear, provides time to practice, and helps provide guidance on how to travel with the gear. Plus, with the supply chain shortages, getting the gear now will prevent it from coming late. With the eclipse, it’s not going to help if the gear is delivered late or in the wrong location. Either you have it or not.

Understood How To Properly Use And Transport Gear

No matter how well everything else done, need to ensure that you make sure that gear work. Wether it be YouTube videos, blogs, or other choices, understanding how to use It might be worth reviewing. Plus, proper transport of gear is crucial to ensure it doesn’t become unusable or broken. Moreover, consider what happens if something goes wrong. That way you can have backup plans and can still enjoy your experience.

Practice Using Gear

Once you understand how to use gear and everything else on this list is taken care of, take the time to practice. Make sure that you know how to do what needs to be done so on eclipse day, you are familiar with what needs to be done.

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