Astronomical League Observing Programs And Awards

Astronomical League Astronomical League Observing Programs

In a prior article, we discussed the Astronomical League, so those looking for some information about the league should check that out. Todays article is going to discuss one way that amateur astronomers can get involved with the Astronomical League, which is the Astronomical League Observing Programs And Awards.

There are 53 Observing Programs, 4 Observing Awards, and 2 Observing Certificates. A full list of these awards and observing programs can be found at their website.

Each observing program will have a similar format describing the program with information that describes the important details for completing the program:

  • Program Coordinator
  • Introduction
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Submitting for Certification
  • Links

Examples of topics include Asterisms, Constellations, Comets, Different Galaxy Types, Binocular observing, telescope observing, and much more! Each and every award and certificate has their own set of rules, but the key things to remember is that to complete an award, the observer must follow all the rules and be a member of the Astronomical League. This means that if I were to complete the award, but not a member of the league, I would not qualify for an award. Completion of awards will be forwarded to you or your local astronomical chapter.

There are awards for other things such as astronomical sketches, service to the community and more, which are separate from the observing awards, which can be found here.

The Astronomical League Observing Programs And Awards are a great way to really learn and hone ones skills on a particular subject. Completing an observing program with an award is a one way out of many avenues to show dedication.

For those looking for a way to show their expertise or for a challenge, these programs and awards are a great way to find inspiration.

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