April 20 – Hybrid Solar Eclipse

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2017 Eclipse Taken By Konstantin

With the upcoming hybrid solar eclipse, it makes sense to discuss what a hybrid eclipse is, how it differs from other events, and when the next ones are visible from the Pacific Northwest.

As discussed in the article on solar eclipses, hybrid solar eclipses only account for 5% of all solar eclipses. This means that these are extremely rare, as they shift between a total and annular eclipse. At certain points on the surface of Earth, it appears as a total eclipse, whereas at other points it appears as annular.

The last hybrid solar eclipse was November 3rd, 2013, and the next hybrid eclipse is going to be on November 14th, 2031. Future hybrid events are in 2049 and 2050. However, future hybrid events that are going to be visible from the Pacific Northwest will be sometime after 2100.

Previous to 2013, prior instances of hybrid solar eclipses include:

  • February 11, 1804
  • October 30, 1845
  • October 3, 1986

NASA has a great map to use as guidance for where to view the event. Unfortunately it is only available in Southeastern Asia, and not the Pacific Northwest. However, the event may be live streamed, which would make it visible from your home.

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