Mars 2020 Missions

2020 was a big year for Mars Missions as Earth and Mars are in good positions relative to each other for landing on Mars. There were 4 Mars planned missions–3 rovers, 2 orbiters, and 1 lander to launch…

The History Of Reusable Rockets SpaceX

The History Of Reusable Rockets

The history of reusable rockets has been one that has evolved from a design on paper to now being a main driver in the new space economy. Having a reusable rocket allows companies to reduce…

Rocket Mail

Rocket Mail

The idea and concept of rocket mail is to expedite the delivery of mail by means of rocket or missile. Traditional proposals have the rocket landing with the assistance of the deployment of an internal parachute upon arrival. Although it has…

Transits Planetary

Planetary Bodies Series

Welcome to the Planetary Bodies series, in which we will be discussing the solar system planetary bodies and provide information about the planets, their moons, observational history, scientific missions, as well as observational tips and…

Finderscope coronavirus

All About The FinderScope

In this article, we will be discussing what a finderscope is, the different types, the best ones, and how to align a finderscope with the main telescope lens. What is a Finderscope? A finderscope is…

American Astronomical Society

American Astronomical Society

The American Astronomical Society is an American society of professional astronomers and other interested individuals, headquartered in Washington, DC. The primary objective of the AAS is to promote the advancement of astronomy and closely related…

Messier 33 Triangulum Galaxy

Messier 33 Triangulum Galaxy

Messier 33, otherwise known as the Triangulum galaxy is located 2.7 million light-years away, and the 3rd-largest member of our Local Group, after the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. Messier 33 is believed to be…

Messier 32

Messier 32

Messier 32, abbreviated as M32, also known as Le Gentil, is a dwarf elliptical galaxy located in Andromeda constellation. Messier 32 was named after Guillaume Le Gentil, the French astronomer who discovered it in 1749….

Mars 2020 Rocket Launch COVID-19 Rocket Launch Photography

How Humanity Can Get To Mars Faster

With the 3 Mars missions launched in 2020 about to land on the red planet and companies such as SpaceX looking to land human colonists on the red planet in the future, it is worth…