2024 Solar Eclipse Cities Statistics

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After reviewing the State Parks for the 2024 Solar Eclipse, it makes sense to provide information about the cities experiencing totality during the 2024 Solar Eclipse.

There are a total of 13 US states that will experience totality, all which have a varying array of totality times and populations.

Largest US CityDallas, Texas
State Capitals Experiencing Totality4
States With Fewest CitiesKentucky
State With Most CitiesTexas
Table 1: Summary

Table 2 will show some specifics to each state. Please note that below that San Antonio is larger than Dallas in regards to population, but San Antonio is only partially covered.

StateNumber Of CitiesLargest CityLongest Totality DurationAverage Totality Duration
Texas58Dallas*4 minutes, 26 seconds3 minutes, 23.637 seconds
Arkansas42Little Rock4 minutes, 19 seconds3 minutes, 24.66 seconds
Illinois16Carbondale4 minutes, 9 seconds3 minutes, .56 seconds
Indiana31Indianapolis4 minutes, 6 seconds3 minutes, 25.322 seconds
New York36Buffalo3 minutes, 47 seconds3 minutes, 7.861 seconds
Oklahoma6Broken Arrow4 minutes, 19 seconds2 minutes, 45.16 seconds
New Hampshire3Lancaster3 minutes, 16 seconds2 minutes, 22.33 seconds
Vermont7Burlington3 minutes, 31 seconds2 minutes, 39 seconds
Maine19Millinocket3 minutes, 27 seconds 2 minutes, 32.789 seconds
Ohio36Cleveland3 minutes, 57 seconds3 minutes, 2.361 seconds
Missouri12Cape Girardeau4 minutes, 13 seconds3 minutes, 4.66 seconds
Kentucky2Henderson2 minutes, 32 seconds2 minutes, 5 seconds
Pennsylvania3Erie3 minutes, 20 seconds2 minutes, 38 seconds
Table 2: City Summary By State

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