2022 Q1 Space Anniversaries


Talk about important space anniversaries for Q2 of 2022, these aren’t every anniversary, but a look at some major events and a quick look at why they are important. These events can be sorted into birth anniversaries, firsts, launches, and some unique aspects, which will be presented in chronological order by month.

Before looking at the specifics for each month, here are a few information such as a table.

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60 Years Ago — 1962 January 3rd: NASA announced name of two-manned spacecraft, “Gemini.”

55 Years Ago — 1967 January 27: The Outer Space Law Treaty was signed in Washington, D.C.

50 Years Ago – 1972 January 5: President Richard M. Nixon announced decision that U.S. will build a reusable space shuttle.

30 Years Ago — 1992 January 22: First exoplanet discovered (PSR B1257+12 B).


60 Years Ago — 1962 February 20: Mercury Atlas 6 (MA-6), Friendship 7 launched, with astronaut John H. Glenn, 9:47:39 a.m., first American to orbit the earth.

45 Years Ago — 1977 February 18: Enterprise, the first space shuttle orbiter, was flight tested at Dryden Flight Research Center. This was the first captive flight of the space shuttle Enterprise, which was used as a test space shuttle.


110 Years Ago — 1912 March 23: Dr. Wernher von Braun born, Wirsitz, Germany (now Part of Poland).

95 Years Ago — 1927 March 6: Gordon L. Cooper Jr. born.

90 Years Ago — 1932 March 5: Alan Bean born.

90 Years Ago — 1932 March 16: Walter Cunningham born

85 Years Ago — 1937 March 6: Valentina Nikolayevna Tereshkova born. She became the 1st woman in space aboard Vostok 6, which occurred on June 16, 1963.

75 Years Ago — 1947 March 7: First photograph taken from space from a V2 rocket 100 miles above White Sands, New Mexico. A

45 Years Ago –- 1977 March 10: The rings around Uranus are discovered

Rings of Uranus, Courtesy of NASA

45 Years Ago –- 1977 March 24: STS-45 launched

20 Years Ago – 2002 March 1: STS-109 launched

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