To Buy Or Not To Buy A Craigslist Telescope?

Telescope Craigslist

Looking at buying a telescope on Craigslist? Here are a few tips and tricks that we have learned over the years that will help you spot the best deals!

What we have learned from looking at Craigslist for telescopes, is that their are a variety of options available. It is important to note that although some of these telescopes are a great deal, there are others that might not be as good of a deal. This is because unlike traditional shops of telescope shops, there is not the safeguards on Craigslist. While there are some great deals and sellers on Craigslist, there are also some terrible deals and salespeople.

What we recommend doing is checking the Craigslist for your city and area on a regular basis, with an eye on what type of telescope you want and what it should cost. Knowing how much the telescope costs new or refurbished from a reputable dealer helps set a baseline for the buyer. We have seen instances in which the seller claims that “barely used” or “brand new” telescopes are the same price as a brand new telescope. This might be the case, but it might not be the best idea as it might be cheaper to get a brand new telescope when factoring in travel time, transportation costs, and finding a time to meet.

That said, there are some rare deals that are absolutely amazing! These are the lightly are barely used telescopes that are a great deal financially. Telescopes that are below market value are either deals that are worth taking because they are in a condition that makes them affordable or are not worth the time as they are too old.

Nevertheless, as is the case with Craigslist, it is up to the buyer to make a decision about the purchase. These telescope purchases are not made based upon quality of the telescope and the price alone, as there are often eyepieces and other accessories that will often make these deals worth it to the buyer. Craigslist can be a great thing, but always make sure that it worth your time.

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